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 as of 4:00:00pm ET 02/12/2016
Bid/Size 7.22/0
Ask/Size 0.00/0
Open 7.26
High 7.28
Low 7.16
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AS OF 02/12/2016
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as of 02/12/2016
Volume 0
Volume (90-Day Average) 6,882,009
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AS OF 02/12/2016
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AS OF 02/12/2016
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as of 12/31/2015
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as of 02/12/2016
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ETP Type


Asset Class


Geography Objective


Price Basis Objective

Derivatives (Futures)

Net Assets
AS OF 01/31/2016


Net Expense Ratio



United States Commodities Fund LLC

Inception Date


Investment Philosophy

Passively Managed

Benchmark Index

Henry Hub Natural Gas Price Index

Index Composition


Legal Structure

Limited Partnership

Important Tax Consideration

Issues a Schedule K-1


The investment seeks to reflect the daily changes in percentage terms of the price of natural gas delivered at the Henry Hub, Louisiana, as measured by the daily changes in the price of a specified short-term futures contract. The fund invests primarily in futures contracts for natural gas that are traded on the NYMEX, ICE Futures Exchange or other U.S. and foreign exchanges. The Benchmark Futures Contract is the futures contract on natural gas as traded on the New York Mercantile Exchange that is the near month contract to expire, except when the near month contract is within two weeks of expiration.

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Analyst Opinions

Analyst Ratings

Firm Name As of Date Action Rating Report
Ned Davis Research Group 02/23/2015 UPGRADE Log in for rating & report
XTF Inc. 12/31/2015 Downgrade 8.90000 out of 10 XTF Inc. PDF Report 12/15/2015 -- B Details PDF Report
Morningstar, Inc.** -- -- Not Rated Morningstar, Inc. PDF Report
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Key Statistics


Asset Class Median
Volume (10-Day Avg)
AS OF 02/11/2016
6.8M 14.1M
1 Week Market Total Return
AS OF 02/11/2016
+0.27% -0.53%
1 Month Market Total Return
AS OF 02/11/2016
-17.42% -0.27%
1 Year Market Total Return
AS OF 02/11/2016
-49.31% -19.06%
3 Year Annualized Market Total Return
AS OF 02/11/2016
-26.59% -18.06%
Beta (1 Year Month-End)
AS OF 01/31/2016
0.44 0.55
Annual Turnover Ratio
AS OF --
-- 0.00%
Net Expense Ratio
AS OF 05/01/2015
1.14% 0.75%
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Growth of Hypothetical $10,000 * AS OF 01/31/2016

Cumulative Total Returns AS OF 02/12/2016
NAV Return Market Return S&P 500 Index
YTD -17.01% -16.72% -10.27%
4 Weeks -14.06% -13.95% -4.72%
13 Weeks -24.21% -24.95% -11.34%
26 Weeks -48.67% -48.47% -11.23%
Quarter-End Average Annual Total Returns AS OF 12/31/2015
NAV Return Market Return
1 Year -40.59% -41.30%
3 Year -22.78% -22.88%
5 Year -28.95% -28.96%
10 Year -- --
Life -35.68% -35.72%
Life as of inception date: 04/18/2007       Gross Expense Ratio: 1.14%

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Portfolio Composition

Index Components* AS OF 02/12/2016

1 (Long: 1 | Short: 0)
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Top 10 (100.00% of total holdings)
NG Natural Gas 100%

*Index components represent the constituents of the index tracked by the ETP which may include futures contracts and other derivatives such as options. Certain ETPs (including ETNs) do not represent a holding in a portfolio of investments or ownership in any underlying assets.

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