Portfolio Composition: PAXS


15.85up0.65 (4.2763%)

 as of 4:10:00pm ET 09/30/2022

Investment Objective Summary

The Fund seeks to achieve its investment objectives by utilizing a dynamic asset allocation strategy among multiple sectors in the global public and private credit markets, including corporate debt, mortgage-related and other asset-backed instruments, government and sovereign debt, taxable municipal bonds and other fixed-, variable- and floating-rate income-producing securities of U.S. and foreign issuers, including emerging market issuers and real estate-related investments.

Asset Classification Taxable Bond
Morningstar Category Multisector Bond
Total Leverage Ratio --
Annual Turnover Ratio
AS OF 6/30/2022 reported by fund sponsor
Total Basket Holdings
AS OF 08/31/2022  reported by fund sponsor
Stock Holding (Long) 3 Stock Holding (Short) 0
Bond Holding (Long) 250 Bond Holding (Short) 15

Asset Allocation

AS OF 08/31/2022  reported by fund sponsor
Asset Distribution Type % Long % Short % Net
US Stock
1.42 0.00 1.42
Non US Stock
0.00 0.00 0.00
185.69 16.04 169.65
40.26 113.49 -73.23
2.16 0.00 2.16

Top 10 Holdings

AS OF 08/31/2022  reported by fund sponsor
97382WAA1 Windstream Escrow LLC / Windstream Escrow Finance Corp 7.75% 2.61%
MBRT 2019-MBR 5.19049% 2.31%
00442PAG5 ACE Securities Corp Home Equity Loan Trust Series 2007-SL2 2.86371% 2.27%
36249UAC2 Gsmsc Resecuritization Tr 2014-2r 2.869% 2.05%
Hilton USA Trust 2013-HLT 5.5191% 2.01%
Team Health Holdings Inc Tl B 1.96%
N22634XZ2 Stichting AK Rabobank Certificaten 6.5% 1.96%
Assets in Top 10 Holdings22.26%

Country Exposure

AS OF 08/31/2022  reported by fund sponsor
Country Exposure
United States 75.91%
United Kingdom 3.35%
France 3.08%
Luxembourg 2.04%
Netherlands 1.50%
PuertoRico 1.42%
Italy 1.32%
Spain 1.29%
Mexico 1.25%
Canada 1.15%

Holdings Detail

reported by fund sponsors

Sector Exposure

AS OF 08/31/2022
Sector Exposure
Real Estate 100.00%

Market Capitalization

AS OF 08/31/2022
Market Capitalization
Micro 63.97%
Mid 36.03%


AS OF 08/31/2022   More information
Value Blend Growth
CurrentHistoricalCurrent Fund Assets Coverage: 1.42%
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Sectors as of 08/31/2022

Type % Bonds
Government 10.84
Government 0.85
Government Related 9.99
Municipal 1.17
Municipal Taxable 1.17
Municipal Tax-Exempt 0.00
Corporate Bond 30.58
Bank Loan 15.02
Convertible 0.00
Corporate Bond 15.10
Preferred Stock 0.45
Securitized 36.87
Agency Mortgage-Backed 2.51
Non-Agency Residential Mortgage-Backed 1.70
Commercial Mortgage-Backed 17.03
Covered Bond 0.00
Asset-Backed 15.62
Cash & Equivalents 10.31
Cash & Equivalents 10.31
Derivative 10.23
Swap 2.81
Future/Forward 7.43
Option/Warrant 0.00

Duration as of 08/31/2022

Average Duration 3
Average Maturity 6
Average Coupon % 5.62%

Credit Quality as of 03/31/2022

Type % Bonds
AAA 7.70
AA 0.23
A 0.00
BBB 12.11
BB 22.14
B 23.70
Below B 34.12
Not Rated 0.00

Maturity as of 08/31/2022

% Bonds
10 to 15 Years 27.15
15 to 20 Years 6.59
1 to 3 Years 7.45
20 to 30 Years 7.61
3 to 5 Years 27.25
5 to 7 Years 11.23
7 to 10 Years 4.34
Over 30 Years 6.05

Call Profile as of --

% Bonds
2022 --
2023 --
2024 --
2025 --
2026 --
5 Year + --
Non-Callable --


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Interest-Rate Sensitivity
Ltd Mod Ext
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