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 as of 4:10:00pm ET 07/07/2020

ETP's Prospectus Stated Objectives

The investment seeks to track the investment results of the MSCI Emerging Markets Small Cap Index. The fund generally will invest at least 90% of its assets in the component securities of the underlying index and in investments that have economic characteristics that are substantially identical to the component securities of the underlying index. The index is designed to measure the performance of equity securities of small-capitalization companies in emerging market countries.

Asset Classification Equity
Geography Objective Emerging Markets
Capitalization / Style Objective Small/Micro Cap / Core or Blend
Investment Philosophy Passively Managed

ETP Portfolio Characteristics

as of 07/06/2020

Independent third-party analytics of the daily basket holdings shown below can help you compare the ETP's Prospectus Stated Objectives to the characteristics of its underlying holdings. Their use of standardized calculations enable consistent comparison. It is important to note that they may not reflect ETF Managers' methodology to determine portfolio characteristics in buying and selling securities for the fund. Learn more about the ETF Managers' investment approach and performance in their Prospectus & Reports.

Basket Holdings

Total: 1240 (Long: 1237 | Short: 0)
 Top 10 4.91%
 Other 95.09%

Top 10

CASH Cash† 1.55%
4743 Oneness Biotech Co Ltd 0.47%
VVAR3:BR Via Varejo SA 0.43%
4966 Parade Technologies Ltd 0.40%
3037:TW Unimicron Technology Corp 0.38%
HAR:ZA Harmony Gold Mining Company Ltd 0.37%
TCSG TCS Group Holding PLC 0.37%
196170 Alteogen Inc 0.32%
TOTS3:BR Totvs SA 0.32%
2337:TW Macronix International Co Ltd 0.30%
†Part or all of this cash position may represent cash-in-lieu of marketable securities and not actual cash.Click here for more information. View all Basket Holdings by Weight
Semiconductors & Semiconductor Equipment 7.06%
Electronic Equipment, Instruments & Components 6.58%
Real Estate Management & Development 5.71%
Chemicals 5.50%
Pharmaceuticals 4.45%
Banks 4.32%
Metals & Mining 3.03%
Food Products 3.03%
Biotechnology 2.50%
Health Care Providers & Services 2.41%
Capital Markets 2.15%
Machinery 2.09%
Auto Components 2.06%
Textiles, Apparel & Luxury Goods 2.04%
Specialty Retail 2.00%
Construction Materials 1.92%
Construction & Engineering 1.81%
Electrical Equipment 1.81%
Independent Power and Renewable Electricity... 1.78%
Hotels Restaurants & Leisure 1.74%
Equity Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) 1.74%
Household Durables 1.64%
IT Services 1.55%
Entertainment 1.55%
Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals 1.50%
Oil, Gas & Consumable Fuels 1.45%
Electric Utilities 1.37%
Software 1.24%
Diversified Consumer Services 1.23%
Health Care Equipment & Supplies 1.23%
Consumer Finance 1.20%
Insurance 1.13%
Diversified Telecommunication Services 1.01%
Airlines 0.84%
Personal Products 0.80%
Industrial Conglomerates 0.79%
Commercial Services & Supplies 0.79%
Food & Staples Retailing 0.74%
Water Utilities 0.72%
Wireless Telecommunication Services 0.70%
Transportation Infrastructure 0.68%
Trading Companies & Distributors 0.67%
Multiline Retail 0.60%
Communications Equipment 0.58%
Automobiles 0.57%
Beverages 0.57%
Paper & Forest Products 0.56%
Internet & Direct Marketing Retail 0.56%
Marine 0.54%
Building Products 0.51%
Media 0.51%
Gas Utilities 0.51%
Road & Rail 0.48%
Diversified Financial Services 0.47%
Professional Services 0.40%
Life Sciences Tools & Services 0.38%
Energy Equipment & Services 0.37%
Interactive Media & Services 0.36%
Aerospace & Defense 0.33%
Containers & Packaging 0.28%
Leisure Products 0.28%
Thrifts & Mortgage Finance 0.28%
Air Freight & Logistics 0.19%
Tobacco 0.05%
Household Products 0.02%
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Regional Exposure
Asia 71.61%
Latin America 10.80%
Europe 6.60%
Middle East 4.56%
Africa 3.41%
North America 1.48%
Country Exposure
Taiwan 23.39%
South Korea 16.57%
India 10.17%
China 8.22%
Brazil 7.15%
Thailand 3.41%
South Africa 3.37%
Malaysia 3.21%
Hong Kong 2.98%
Saudi Arabia 2.53%
Mexico 1.84%
Indonesia 1.60%
United States 1.35%
Turkey 1.17%
Qatar 1.06%
Poland 1.01%
Russia 0.80%
Philippines 0.78%
United Kingdom 0.77%
Argentina 0.76%
Chile 0.62%
United Arab Emirates 0.59%
Pakistan 0.50%
Cyprus 0.41%
Egypt 0.39%
Singapore 0.33%
Colombia 0.28%
France 0.26%
Japan 0.24%
Netherlands 0.23%
Germany 0.20%
Portugal 0.19%
Australia 0.13%
Canada 0.13%
Spain 0.13%
Belgium 0.08%
Luxembourg 0.07%
Bahamas 0.06%
Panama 0.04%
Switzerland 0.04%
Malta 0.03%
Market Capitalization
Mid 53.54%
Small 23.59%
Large 15.08%
Micro 5.93%
Other 1.86%


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Value Blend Growth
Current HistoricalCurrent Fund Assets Coverage: 99%
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Currency Exposure More information

Taiwan Dollar 23.39%
South Korean Won 16.57%
Indian Rupee 10.17%
China Renminbi 8.22%
Brazilian Real 7.15%
Thai Baht 3.41%
South African Rand 3.37%
Malaysian Ringgit 3.21%
Hong Kong Dollar 2.98%
Euro 2.81%
Saudi Riyal 2.53%
United States Dollar 1.98%
Mexican Peso 1.84%
Indonesian Rupiah 1.60%
Turkish Lira 1.17%
Qatari Riyal 1.06%
Polish Zloty 1.01%
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