Ownership: PAXS


15.85up0.65 (4.2763%)

 as of 4:10:00pm ET 09/30/2022

Ownership Summary

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Institutional CEF Ownership --
Institutional Mutual Fund Ownership --
Mutual Fund Ownership --
Insider Ownership --
Other 100%

Total Outstanding Shares: --

Institutional Ownership Details

Institutional CEF &
Mutual Fund Ownership:

Institutional Share Purchases 2.9M 3.1M
Institutional Shares Sold 168.7K --
Net Institutional Shares Purchased 2.7M 3.1M
Change in Ownership +87.09% +100%
Top 10 Institutional Holdings by Shares Held
Name Reporting Date Total Holdings Sorted in descending order. Position Value Outstanding
Shares Owned
Morgan Stanley 06/30/2022 1.8M $28.8M --
UBS Group AG 06/30/2022 983.7K $15.4M --
Rivernorth Capital Management, LLC 06/30/2022 928.0K $14.6M --
Ulrich Consultants & Investment Group, LLC 06/30/2022 645.8K $10.1M --
Royal Bank of Canada 06/30/2022 331.8K $5.2M --
Sol Capital Management Co 06/30/2022 259.7K $4.1M --
Corrado Advisors, LLC 06/30/2022 203.8K $3.2M --
Element Wealth, Llc 06/30/2022 187.8K $2.9M --
Crumly & Associates Inc. 06/30/2022 109.4K $1.7M --
Bank of America Corporation 06/30/2022 64.3K $1.0M --

Mutual Fund Ownership Details

Institutional Mutual Fund & Mutual Fund (No 13F Form) Ownership:

Mutual Fund Share Purchases 115.6K 195.5K
Mutual Fund Shares Sold -- --
Net Mutual Fund Shares Purchased 115.6K 195.5K
Change in Ownership -- --
Top 10 Mutual Fund Holdings by Shares Held
Name Reporting Date Total Holdings Sorted in descending order. Position Value Outstanding
Shares Owned
RiverNorth/DoubleLine Strategic Income Fund (i) 06/30/2022 311.1K $4.9M --
(i) Institutional Funds
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