CALAMOS CONVERTIBLE's Ex-Dividend Date Is Thursday, Here's What You Need To Know

Wednesday marks the last chance for investors to receive the next dividend payout from CALAMOS CONVERTIBLE (NASDAQ:CHI).

What's Happening

The company announced on Monday that it would pay shareholders a monthly dividend of 9.5 cents per share. On Thursday, CALAMOS CONVERTIBLE will go ex-dividend, meaning the stock will trade lower to reflect that payout. In other words, the stock will likely open 9.5 cents lower than it would have opened on any other day.

In order to be eligible to receive a company's dividend, shareholders must own the stock prior to the ex-dividend dateā€”in this case, Thursday. Shareholders who own CHI as of the end of Wednesday's session are eligible to receive the 9.5 cents dividend payout for every share that they own.

According to the company, this dividend will be paid out to shareholders on October 20, 2022. Investors will then be able to either reinvest those dividends back into the stock or use the payment in some other way.

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