Cathie Wood Still Interested In Psychedelics, She Bought Over 3 Million Atai Shares In July Alone

Several weeks ago, Cathie Wood's ARK Fund (BATS: ARKG) invested in the biotech psychedelics sector, specifically in major player Atai Life Sciences NASDAQ:ATAI.  

The first purchase took place in February 2022, when ARK bought 83,278 shares of Atai Life Sciences. Less than two weeks later, the company acquired four times that, bringing its total ownership to over 340,000 shares, as first reported by Jason Najum on Microdose.

In early July 2022, the company's spreadsheet showed it held a total 1,827,047 of Atai's shares -representing an increase of more than 138,000 shares from March 2022. 

By mid-July, the total monthly investment was 621,812 shares. Yet ARK further acquired shares. Now it can be said that the total purchase of Atai stock for that month is over 3 million (3,018,751). 

Considering its rounding $4 for July, that's $12 million invested in psychedelics by Cathie Wood's fund, aka a noteworthy purchase from a celebrity investor. 

Photo Courtesy of Jeffrey Blum on Unsplash.

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