Distributions & Expenses: NFJ


11.68up0.08 (0.6897%)

 as of 4:10:00pm ET 06/01/2023

Distributions Recap

(Last 12 months) as of 06/01/2023
Ex-Date 03/10/2023 Most Recent Pay Date 03/24/2023 Total Distribution Rate (Market Price) 8.45%
Most Recent Distribution (Per Common Share) $0.245000 Total Amount (TTM) $0.996500 Total Distribution Rate (NAV) 7.22%

Monthly Analysis

Annual Turnover Ratio
AS OF 01/31/2023
Potential Capital Gains %
(3 year Avg) AS OF 04/30/2023
Distribution Payment Frequency
Dividend, Interest & Premium Strategy and Equity & Convertible Income declare dividends and distributions on a quarterly basis. These dividends and distributions may be comprised in varying proportions of net investment income, gains from option premiums and the sale of portfolio securities and return of capital.

Distributions Type by Calendar Quarter Ex-Date

Distributions Quater Chart
2 2021 3 2021 4 2021 1 2022 2 2022 3 2022 4 2022 1 2023

Dividends and Capital Gains DistributionsAs of 03/10/2023

Ex-Date NAV at
Capital Gains
Capital Gains
Dividend Income Return of Capital Distribution Total
03/10/2023 13.0200 0.087000 0.034000 0.124000 -- 0.245000
12/29/2022 13.1300 0.016500 -- -- -- 0.016500
12/09/2022 13.3100 0.245000 -- -- -- 0.245000
09/09/2022 14.0500 0.245000 -- -- -- 0.245000
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