Top Performing Leveraged/Inverse ETFs: 11/07/2021

Top Performing Levered/Inverse ETFs Last WeekThese were last week’s top performing leveraged and inverse ETFs. Note that because of leverage, these kinds of funds can move quickly. Always do your homework.1. SOXL – Direxion Daily Semiconductor Bull 3x SharesSOXL, which offers 3x daily long leverage to the PHLX Semiconductor Index, featured on the top performing levered/ inverse ETFs list this week. The S&P 500 semiconductor index gained by more than 11% in the last week on global chip shortage.2. RETL – Direxion Daily Retail Bull 3X SharesRETL offers 2x daily long leverage to the Russell 1000 RGS Retail Index. The ETF returned 25% in the last week driven by positive shoppers’ sentiment, increasing consumer spending and approaching holiday season. Both internet and specialty retail segments gained 4% and 2%, respectively over the last five days.3. PILL – Direxion Daily Pharmaceutical & Medical Bull 3X SharesThe PILL ETF tracks the performance of companies that are engaged in research, development, manufacture, sale or distribution of pharmaceuticals and drugs of all types. The ETF was one of the top performing levered ETFs returning ~25% this week. The pharma sector gained after Pfizer’s announcement of its new antiviral pills showing promising results during preliminary trials against Coronavirus.4. USD – ProShares Ultra SemiconductorsUSD which provides leveraged exposure to the U.S. Semiconductors stocks also featured on this week’s list driven by increased demand on the back of global chip supply glut.5. URTY – ProShares UltraPro Russell 2000The URTY ETF that provides a leveraged exposure to the U.S. small cap sector, ranked among the top levered ETFs this week. Small cap stocks got a boost from the prospects of a rising dollar, increasing consumer spending and upbeat earnings.6. TNA – Direxion Daily Small Cap Bull 3X SharesTNA ETF that offers 3x daily long leverage to the Russell 2000 Index and provides a leveraged exposure to the U.S. small cap sector was one of the top levered ETFs this week supported by improving economic prospects and upcoming holiday season.7. TPOR – Direxion Daily Transportation Bull 3X SharesThe TPOR ETF that tracks the performance of companies involved in road, rail, air travel, marine transport, air freight, and logistics returned ~17% in the last week. The transportation ETF gained on signs of an improving economy driven by a promising new antiviral pill against COVID, successful vaccination drives and the upcoming holiday season.8. OOTO – Direxion Daily Travel & Vacation Bull 2X SharesOOTO, which tracks the performance of the BlueStar Travel and Vacation Index with a 54% index weightage to consumer discretionary followed by industrials and real estate also made it to this week’s list as the consumer discretionary sector gained by 2%+. Travel and vacation stocks got a boost from mass vaccination drives and the potential launch of new and more effective antiviral treatments.9. WANT – Direxion Daily Consumer Discretionary Bull 3X SharesWANT that seeks 300% of the daily investment results of the performance of the Consumer Discretionary Select Sector Index returned 15%+ last week and made it to the list. The sector benefited from an improving economy, easing virus fears, rapid vaccination drive, and better employment prospects.10. LABU – Direxion Daily S&P Biotech Bull 3x SharesThe biotech fund, LABU gained by more than 15% last week driven by positive news from Pfizer on the coronavirus front. The company claims that its new pill could cut hospitalizations and deaths in COVID-19 patients by 89%.

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